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We are here to answer your questions. Here are the most commonly asked questions by our clients in the Sudbury Home Buyer FAQs:
We don't "list" Real Estate - We Buy It! We also don't charge any commissions. We make you a cash offer within 24hours of viewing, so you will know exactly what your house will sell for right then. Agents will list your property and charge a commission, they also can't guarantee when they will sell or even how much it will sell for. It can take a month or up to a year to sell a property with an agent. Most agents will ask you to make repairs - costing you thousands of dollars and additional stress & time. Then you will have to keep your home spotless as strangers walk in and out! IF you get an offer, the buyer will typically order a home inspection and appraisal - after they pick apart your home they will likely find additional repairs needed before they can go forward with the sale. If you want to avoid all of this, give us a call or complete our website form and we will make the process simple & easy for you.
We will make you a cash offer for your home, which will be less than retail, but may end up netting close to the same if you were to sell at retail price. Let us explain... Firstly, getting a retail price is not what actually goes in your pocket. You will need to hire a real estate agent and commissions can be costly! Also after the agent sees your home, they might request you to do a number of repairs before its listed for sale on the market. If you get an offer, its typically conditional on a property inspection and appraisal. After inspections, most buyers will request you fix anything that came up in the reports. These repairs could cost thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars and still no guarantee that your sale will go through. What Does This Mean? Bottom line is that the money you end up in your pocket on closing day selling retail is usually tens of thousands of dollars less than what you sold your home for. Why not save the hassle and sell us your home As-Is and possible net the same amount of money?
Yes we can absolutely help you. We understand the stress & complications of a foreclosure. This is a time sensitive situation where Sudbury Home Buyers can help. If you are in this situation don't wait, give us a call today as time is the enemy!
Unfortunately we can't help at this point, we need to act before the Foreclosure. A Foreclosure will stay on your credit for 7 years.
We can close in as little as 3 to 4 weeks. We ultimately let our sellers choose the closing date that best works for them. If you need to close quickly we can do that, we always try and accommodate their moving schedule and let them pick the date that works for them.
Yes! We will buy your house As-Is. You will not need to make any repairs - You don't even need to clean the house!
Yes absolutely. We will cover all your upfront costs and you won't have any out of pocket expenses.
No, we cater our home buying process specifically to our sellers. Because we are buying with cash, we have more flexibility and can create a custom solution that works for you.
Zero. You will not make any commissions or fees. Sudbury Home Buyers will cover all legal costs and has no fees.

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